Broadway Boogie In Spain

Broadway Boogie NOW in Spain but can’t find a local class! Not a problem as you can access classes from ANYWHERE as we are offering this amazing workout class online with LIVE streaming classes using Zoom If you are not familiar with Broadway Boogie, its high energy dance fitness workout dancing to fantastic music from musical theatre and the big screen

You can dance, sing and being streaming no one can hear or see you working out at home, throwing everything into those moves 🙂 and truly express yourself within Broadway musical melodies that we all know and love so much.

The streaming class includes many different musical genres & styles from movies & shows letting you live the Broadway experience throwing yourself into the music and dancing.

Take on the leading role of Baby in Dirty Dancing showing that you too can also dance with Patrick Swayze, if only :).. but we can dream, but least we can dance and sing along with embracing many other characters from across theater and the big screen.

Broadway Boogie is for EVERYONE no matter what your fitness level is as you are able to take the class at your pace. The class uses a mixture aerobic training and interval training so that you can maximize the cardio component of the class and ensure high calorie burn made so much easier singing & dancing along to all your favorite musical numbers.

Join us ONLINE now and start dancing

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