Help on signing up

“A picture is worth a thousand words, well a video must be a book 🙂 ” Its a saying that just about sums up the meaning of this posting on signing up to Streaming Dance Fitness, along with getting your first free class or 1 week.

The process of joining the site is easy, but if you are not sure about finding your way around websites it can also be confusing

Also to get your first FREE class / week you will need to join ( thats free) but also send us an email using the link here, or send a message on Facebook, but I would prefer here as messages can sometimes get lost.

The process below is for anyone joining that has not installed the App. Gymcatch do have a very good application for your phones/ ipads and if you need further help on this please check out the link

If you need any further help me send me a message

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