FitSteps Spain

Looking to find FitSteps classes in Spain, and struggling?

Sadly, in Spain they are very few FitSteps instructors, and with the Covid situation fewer are offering classes. An option to this is streaming classes.I   started Zoom classes during the lockdown and have carried on because some of my ladies and gents still don’t like to meet up in a group, even though we are following guidelines

The option, and a great one is streaming classes directly into your home, meaning you enjoy a FitSteps workout from any location in your home, and I even have a few ladies that work out outdoors next to the pool.

Whilst you can never replace the fun of a live class, streaming does offer many benefits

  • workout without leaving your home
  • have a class you can attended if you don’t have a local instructor
  • still enjoy dancing with many others with a zoom class
  • dancing in total safety following Covid distancing
  • no masks!
  • sharing your dancing or turning your camera off for a private class

and last if you don’t have a local instructor and want to enjoy the wonderful FitSteps classes now you can join in!

If you are new to streaming or using zoom, we have some helpful tips on getting the most from your class, and offer free week enjoying FitSteps, FitSteps FAB and FitSteps advanced for those that have some dancing experience or joined in with other classes and want to get back into FitSteps.

We also have FitSteps beginners classes and the workshops to master the moves  of different dance styles.

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