Dance Off Your Excess Pounds

What a great way to lose those excess pounds by dancing…anyone that has watched Strictly will know that the celebrities lose loads of weight on the show, if fact other than comments on how good or bad someone is, the next is “Look at how much weight he/she lost”  But, I’m not saying that to lose weight you need to dance 12 hours a day 6 days a week, but by starting a dancing program it will start you moving in the right direction.

Most people will never have considered dancing as a good way to lose those pounds or if on a diet give it a boost and its one of the best, why? “It’s fun and you become so engrossed dancing and, in some cases, learning the routine that it just doesn’t feel like workout. This is made even better listening to wonderful music and as you will be at home singing as well as mics are turned off during classes.

You look at people on treadmills and think how you can do that for 30minutes, maybe an hour, but to dance for this amount of time, its easy  

The dance movements I use within my programs are fun, but they give you a full body workout with movements that shape the body and burn those calories whilst dancing to quick step, cha-cha or a salsa. It doesn’t matter your age, if you have dance experience or your size the dance classes are designed to be enjoyed by all.

Dancing to get the VERY most from a class

How many times a week should you dance? Good question, if weight loss is your goal, I would recommend exercising a minimum of three times per week and with the different streaming programs I offer it means you can enjoy dancing to all types of styles. If you have a goal and are dedicated to losing those pounds quicker five times per week is best and you can join my classes everyday as they are held from Monday to Saturday.

When joining a class don’t worry if you can’t follow the steps, you will still get great aerobic workout and it won’t take you long before you are up to speed with more experienced ladies. If you are struggling then we do have classes where steps are more broken down to enable new people to get up to speed, but if you sick with it returning four to five times, you’ll soon get it.

I hope to see you soon at one of my dance fitness classes, and don’t forget to ask about the FREE one week access.

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