Strength Training for women

You name it, sprains, knee injuries, broken bones are among the most common sports injuries, but even those that don’t do any type of physical activity can have an injury just walking down the stairs, doing some gardening or picking up a heavy box, but there’s a vital difference between those that do exercise and not, it’s how quick you recover.

The best way to avoid long term problems is by doing some type of strength training & exercise, and the NHS recommends a workout lasting 60 minutes attending two sessions a week. This will improve strength, flexibility, increase muscle strength and a VERY important part for women, maintain bone density.

By attending my classes all this and more is archived, want to learn more? Keep reading below .

Improve your balance

It all starts from those muscles and by following a strength training program this will build stronger muscles that will keep you more effectively balanced. But not only balance, also recovery times improve with healthier stronger muscle fibers. How many times have you seen a sports player take a fall and recover straight away, while many unhealthy people would be strapped up and seated for weeks.   

The power that is your inner core.

It all extends from your inner core and by following a good strength training routine you are able to build strength into your abs, back muscles and wraps around your torso in which contributes significantly to your body’s stability to walk and move around. Proper training helps to keep these important muscles healthy and strong.

Knee, joints, arms, in fact every joint  

By engaging within a program of strength training in addition to building stamina you strengthen bones, joints including tendons and ligaments that surround main parts of the body like hip and knee. Ensuring less chance of injury or a faster recovery.

Prevents Osteoporosis

Many studies have shown that strength training can help to prevent bone loss, which as a female training program is excellent news due to women being more prone to developing osteoporosis than males. By working out often before and after menopause can significantly lower the risk of developing osteoporosis.

At Streaming Dance Fitness, we work with some of the very best in strength training programs from the cardo exercises that FitSteps offer, to the intense workout of Strong Nation. If you are not sure which program would be best for you then please contact me and I will offer you some advice on which dance program to consider.

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