Strength Training for women

You name it, sprains, knee injuries, broken bones are among the most common sports injuries, but even those that don’t do any type of physical activity can have an injury just walking down the stairs, doing some gardening or picking up a heavy box, but there’s a vital difference between those that do exercise and not, it’s how quick you recover.

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Dance Off Your Excess Pounds

What a great way to lose those excess pounds by dancing…anyone that has watched Strictly will know that the celebrities lose loads of weight on the show, if fact other than comments on how good or bad someone is, the next is “Look at how much weight he/she lost”  But, I’m not saying that to lose weight you need to dance 12 hours a day 6 days a week, but by starting a dancing program it will start you moving in the right direction.

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Join For FREE

Not sure that streaming live classes is for you, or which one to join, well why not join us for the first week for FREE…No catches, if you don’t find a class you like or enjoy the streaming process you’ve lost nothing.

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