Gymcatch App

If you use a mobile device to access the internet or wish to use a phone for classes installing the Gymcatch application is a great way to manage your classes

Please Note this is ONLY for UK. If you are in Europe its not available and will need to use computer

We seem to live in a world on our phone these days and so it would make sense that if you want to join the classes offered by Streaming Dance Fitness then installing the app is the best way

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Help on signing up

“A picture is worth a thousand words, well a video must be a book 🙂 ” Its a saying that just about sums up the meaning of this posting on signing up to Streaming Dance Fitness, along with getting your first free class or 1 week.

The process of joining the site is easy, but if you are not sure about finding your way around websites it can also be confusing

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Hi All

We now have a Youtube channel where videos will also be posted along with Flickr & news and updated information going on Facebook…I think we’ve covered all the social media platforms ….Oh Instagram as well

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New Advert

Hi all and hope you had a really GREAT Christmas.

I’ve been working on a new ad for our Facebook Streaming page so I hope you like.

If you’ve not tried online streaming yet, give it a go, dont forget first week is FREE

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Strength Training for women

You name it, sprains, knee injuries, broken bones are among the most common sports injuries, but even those that don’t do any type of physical activity can have an injury just walking down the stairs, doing some gardening or picking up a heavy box, but there’s a vital difference between those that do exercise and not, it’s how quick you recover.

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What is HIIT…

and more so whats its benefits.

HIIT or as it stands for “High intensity interval training” is exercise that is done in short but very intensive bursts that gives you a high cardio workout and with its intense bursts maximises the workout

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Hunting for support

I’m so excited that for the 4th year running Marina has made the finals of the FitSteps Award 2020!

Yep, I’m hunting votes from friends and fellow Fitsteppers and I would be very grateful if you could give her a little support and bring the world award to Spain and hopefully if we do it, for the first time!

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Dance Off Your Excess Pounds

What a great way to lose those excess pounds by dancing…anyone that has watched Strictly will know that the celebrities lose loads of weight on the show, if fact other than comments on how good or bad someone is, the next is “Look at how much weight he/she lost”  But, I’m not saying that to lose weight you need to dance 12 hours a day 6 days a week, but by starting a dancing program it will start you moving in the right direction.

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Broadway Boogie In Spain

Broadway Boogie NOW in Spain but can’t find a local class! Not a problem as you can access classes from ANYWHERE as we are offering this amazing workout class online with LIVE streaming classes using Zoom If you are not familiar with Broadway Boogie, its high energy dance fitness workout dancing to fantastic music from musical theatre and the big screen

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