What is HIIT…

and more so whats its benefits.

HIIT or as it stands for “High intensity interval training” is exercise that is done in short but very intensive bursts that gives you a high cardio workout and with its intense bursts maximises the workout

If you are following any type of exercise routine HIIT is an excellent way into shocking your system and helps build strength and muscle endurance. You will also burn a lot of calories so aid weight loss.

Nothing Burns more than Strong Nation…but why is Strong Nation, so good for YOU

I’m sure you know that cardio exercises basically BURN stored fat and effective for fat mobilisation.  Strong Nation is an pumped up and intense form of cardio and one of the best exercise to engage in no matter what your goals are.

The intensity of the workout leads to an increased rate of fat oxidation which can only occur during a HIIT workout and during this stage stored tissue/fat are broken down and converted into fuel.

Don’t have time to workout, HIIT is a more efficient form of cardio exercise

If like most of us trying to find time within our busy lives is never easy, which is why using a High Intensity Interval training program like Strong nation IS so good. Within a 1-hour workout you will use 4 times the amount of energy conventional endurance workout. Meaning its far more time efficient.

Anyone that engages with fitness dancing will benefit from HIIT as it will make you fitter, stronger, slimmer, more toned. 

How Can I do this at home ….easy go online and join me

It’s not easy to tell yourself to do endless jumps, burpees or squats, but working out with others to the music driven high energy that is Strong Nation does give you that boost, and knowing that others online are all pushing themselves HARD does help you along aiming towards the end after 60 minutes  

The program starts with a warm up, getting the body ready for a hard workout, pushing yourself towards a cool down and relaxation…

Join me and other ladies enjoying Strong Nation online 

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