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FitSteps Spain

Looking to find FitSteps classes in Spain, and struggling?

Sadly, in Spain they are very few FitSteps instructors, and with the Covid situation fewer are offering classes. An option to this is streaming classes.I   started Zoom classes during the lockdown and have carried on because some of my ladies and gents still don’t like to meet up in a group, even though we are following guidelines

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DISCLAIMER I agree that by clicking to buy a class that it is my responsibility to determine if I am sufficiently healthy to undertake dance or fitness or exercise activity.I confirm that I am in good health and that I have not been advised to refrain from dance or fitness or exercise type activities.

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Gymcatch …Spain not listed

When joining you will be asked what county you are from and will see UK, Ireland & America listed but no Europe.

My advice is to tick UK because all times displayed are UK times, you just need to remember to add 1 hour onto the time displayed…hopefully soon Gymcatch will cover Spain & the rest of Europe


Firefox Problems

The booking platform we use ( Gymcatch) has problems working with Firefox.

If you are trying to book class, see the timetable or buy a class you won’t be able to

If you use another browser it will work.



Mamma Mia Winners

Wow so amazing to win the Mammia Mia Fitsteps competition. All instructors from UK & Europe had do a class around the Mammia Mia Abba tracks and then submit a video.

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No Class Dont Panick

Because we rely on the internet to get our classes streamed, sometimes things will go wrong, either with power, software or the internet company, if this happens please dont worry, any classes that can’t go ahead wont be charged for and a free class pass will be sent out…once we get power back on 🙂

How to install Zoom

To access the streaming classes you will need to install Zoom. Even if you don’t work from home, you’ve probably heard of Zoom mostly due to the Covid situation and more people working from home.

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Join For FREE

Not sure that streaming live classes is for you, or which one to join, well why not join us for the first week for FREE…No catches, if you don’t find a class you like or enjoy the streaming process you’ve lost nothing.

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